Quotation Form

Dear Visitor,
Many thanks for your interest in Thermex Quenching and Self Tempering (QST) Technology for producing QST rebars of high strength with good elongation and stress ratio.
We wish to state that each Thermex Quenching System, as per our collaboration with HSE Germany, is engineered and designed to suit specific mill parameters and therefore our quote is tailor made for each enquiry. This ensures that you get a system that gets commissioned after rolling of only one or two bars. To enable us to make a correct proposal to suit your specific needs we would need each of the following information.

  • Your enquiry should include all of the requested information. We regret to state that requests with incomplete data may remain unattended.
  • Above information can be sent by email to: handk.india@gmail.com
  • You may expect a quote within 5-8 days of submitting complete information.