HURRAY! It’s a century

H&K India team bags 100 quenching system orders in 2019, 2020

Mumbai, January 2021: In a little over 21 months the H&K India group hit a century.

Led by its Chairman, Raj Kumar Markan, the competent H&K India team has bagged 100 quenching system orders in just 2 calendar years viz. 2019 and 2020 – this, despite the strict 11-week COVID-19 lockdown in Mumbai city which houses the company’s head office and manufacturing facilities.

This stellar performance is testament to the worldwide acceptance of Thermex and Tegum – the two flagships systems on offer by the team.

Noteworthy is the fact that out of 100 quenching system orders, 31 are conversion orders. Conversion orders involve a rolling mill replacing its existing quenching system to Thermex or Tegum. At 31%, this number speaks volumes.

Another striking highlight is the 45 repeat orders received during this period – signalling a strong vote of confidence by existing clients who repeatedly opt for Thermex and/or Tegum for every new project of theirs.

Raj Kumar Markan

Markan thanked the steel industry for reposing its faith in the H&K India team over the past 35 years, since the company’s foundation in May 1985.

He noted, “While the Government of India (GOI) may have introduced its ‘Make-in-India’ initiative in 2014, it gives me great pride to say that H&K India has been making in India, the world’s most successful quenching system since 1990. Our Thermex and Tegum systems are designed and manufactured in India for the Indian and international markets.

Our systems can

  • quench rebars from 6mm to 45mm
  • operate at speeds in excess of 40m/s
  • achieve grades as high as Fe700 (as per IS:1786-2008)
  • offer 1-strand, 2-strand, 3-strand, 4-strand, 5-strand, 6-strand configurations

Clients are impressed because Thermex and Tegum systems can seamlessly achieve the desired grades in the very first billet rolled. Every single quenching system is specifically designed for the rolling mill under consideration. This high degree of individualisation guarantees a successful commissioning with zero trial and error.

The H&K India team crossed its 400 project order milestone in Year 2020.

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