Thermex® Slit-Quenching, Made in India

H&K India has the expertise and experience to execute project orders for high-speed 2-strand, 3-strand and 4-strand Thermex® quenching systems.

The country’s first ‘Made in India’ 4-Strand Quenching Pipe was successfully commissioned by H&K India at Mahalaxmi TMT Pvt. Ltd, Wardha, Maharashtra.

This was due to the seamless transfer of slit quenching technology from HSE Germany.

H&K India, led by its Chairman, Raj Kumar Markan, undertook the entire engineering, manufacturing and commissioning process in less than 5 months. This included technology transfer, equipment design, raw material procurement, machining, assembly, testing, and erection and commissioning.

The Thermex® 4-strand quenching pipe at Mahalaxmi TMT Pvt. Ltd was successfully commissioned in less than 4 hours.

Currently, many high-speed slit orders are in operation and also under execution.