Thermex, Quality Audit

Concentric ring of 25mm in Grade B500DWR of ISO6935-2

H&K India is the only technology provider that follows an exhaustive system of monitoring quality of rebars made by its Licensees.

H&K engineer collecting sample for testing along with Quality in charge of Purulia Metal Casting, West Bengal

Each Licensee maintains a register of daily quality tests and sends us the same regularly in a specific format. The register is available to our quality auditors for verification when they visit each Thermex Licensee, once every 6 months.

The Quality Auditor draws rebar samples to check their mechanical properties and concentricity of tempered martensite periphery.

H & K engineer tests a Thermex rebar during Quality Audit tour in Silvassa

Each Licensee, besides being required to produce rebars that satisfy the standard IS: 1786-2008 (Fourth Revision) Amendment 3 of March 2017, is also expected to meet Thermex standards of Yield Strength, Stress Ratio and Elongation.